Old Glory: Flag Ethics

28 Jun

FlagNfenceWhether you fly your flag on a daily basis throughout the year, or add flags to your decorative efforts on various patriotic holidays, there are protocols to keep when flying Old Glory.

The US flag has priority when displayed simultaneously with other flags (flies higher than the others).

Don’t let Old Glory touch the ground! (Pretty sure this includes the little decorative ones on a stick in your flower beds too!)

Flags can be flown at night provided they are visible and properly illuminated.  Otherwise, flags should only be flown between sunrise and sunset.

There are only two approved ways to dispose of old flags:  confidential burning in an inconspicuous manner away from public view, or cutting it into small pieces so it no longer resembles a US flag.

When hanging a US flag, it must be displayed to the public with the blue portion (known as the Union) on the upper left-hand side.

We will share more about flags in a future post, which will be all about choosing the right flag size /pole length, how to install a flag pole, and what pole material suits your application best.  Stay tuned!

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