Presidential Fencing

12 May

FlagNfenceKeeping the President, his family, and the rest of the White House occupants safe hasn’t been easy. In the past year, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been assaulted by a knife-wielding assailant (with bad knees) who opened the front door, a pair of drunk Secret Service agents who crashed their vehicle, and a four-year-old who wiggled under-neath the main gate. Not to mention a runaway quadcopter operated by a drunk intelligence analyst.

To try to solve this trending problem, the National Park Service and the Secret Service are adding new outward-facing spikes to the White House fence, as well as new concrete barricades at several traffic entrances . . .

So begins an article about the latest issues in keeping the White House safe from intruders.  Granted, the problems encountered in keeping out unwanted visitors from the presidential lawn aren’t ones you will experience at your own home.  However, there certainly are times where a homeowner or business owner wants a little more added security for their property — to keep the neighborhood kids out of the pool, to keep your dogs within your property lines, to keep nosey passersby from watching your kids play, to keep potential vandals and robbers out of your store or office at night — and so on.

Read the entire article, “The White House Needs a Fence, Not a Moat” … it’s a bit comical, but also a bit scary.  And should you need some protective or privacy fence for your own presidential estate, we hope you will give us a call!  (215) 362-8200.  We carry full lines of aluminum, wood, chain link, and vinyl fencing to meet your every need.

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