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“Ski Freeze” Fundraiser

19 Apr


January 1, 2017:  The 37th Annual “Ski Freeze” on the river in Port Indian, PA

Once again, Fence City was a proud sponsor of the wet and wild water skiing show on New Year’s Day, January 2017.  (This was so much fun last year, we just had to come back and support this event again.)

Dozens of members of the Port Indian Waterski Club volunteered their time and skills — and potentially freeze their nuggies off  — in order to raise funds for Camp Rainbow, located in Schwenksville PA.  Hundreds of people watched the festivities all day long — water skiers, wake boarders, barefoot skiers, and more.

Some participants came in costume, others put on a great show of jumps and tricks.  All helped to provide kids with a low-cost, fun place to go to camp in the summer.  Rescue crews were on land and on the river in boats, just in case the cold water proved to be too much for any of the performers.  Fortunately, their emergency services were not needed, but their help with folks exiting the freezing cold water was greatly appreciated!

We’re looking forward to more cold, wet fun this coming New Year’s Day, January 2018 — see you there!  For info regarding Camp Rainbow, you can visit their website.


Spooky Fence Decorating

23 Oct

When Halloween gets near, one fence in Brooklyn, NY gets an especially  spooky decoration.  Since 1998, Jane Greengold has placed 80 to 100 individually carved jack-o-lanterns on the stakes of a fence.  The pumpkins are left on the stakes and sometimes begin to take on the appearance of shrunken heads.  This unusual fence decorating idea has become a tradition for the neighborhood.  Read more about this spooky “Shrunken Head Impaler” fence here.

Do you decorate your fence for Halloween (or any holidays)?  We love to see decorated fences!   Send us your fence photos and we may very well share your decorative efforts in a future post!

Are you located in Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA and need a new fence for your property? — for privacy, security, dog restraint, or even decorating?  🙂  Give us a call!  (215) 362-8200

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“Fences for Fido” helps dogs live their lives unchained

23 Feb

Fences for Fido is an Oregon-based charity that has a simple, but life-changing mission:  Improving the lives of dogs living outdoors on the end of chains, tethers or in small kennels by building them a free fenced yard, insulated dog house, and spay/neuter.

Since the nonprofit first began in May 2009, the volunteer-based organization has helped unchain more than 430 dogs in Oregon and Washington by building fences and insulating dog houses for dogs that live outdoors. By this time next year, they expect to have helped more than 600 dogs.

At Fence City, we know that dogs love to play in fenced-in yards, so we think this charity is providing a great service!

Read more about Fences for Fido here.

You can make a donation to Fences for Fido through their website.

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Old fence gets reborn as a rustic interior decoration

13 Feb

The LA Times Home Design Section recently included this interesting story about an enterprising homeowner that converted an old fence into a pot hanging rack in the kitchen.

You can read the whole story here:,0,4004575.story

Seems to me if this designer is turning his old fence into interior decorations, he might need a new fence.  Luckily for anyone looking for a new fence, we’ve got great recommendations!

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Inspiring Fences

31 Jan

Wouldn’t it be great to pull into the parking lot at work and see this?

We found a Michigan-based artist who uses ordinary flagging tape and other materials to weave positive words and phrases into chain-link fences.  This link shares several photos of his work; however, we’re thinking that this one would be quite popular in a couple of weeks when Valentine’s Day rolls around.  What do you think?

An inspiring banner or lots of red decorations on your own fence may be just
the thing you need to make this Valentine’s Day really special (or at least, different!).

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Friday Funny

25 Jan

Fence gets in the way of sledding

Well it’s doubtful that our area will get enough snow to go sledding this weekend, but we certainly don’t recommend you try sliding down the street as these clowns did.  When enjoying winter sports, please think safety first!  (And if someone foolishly breaks your fence, feel free to call us.)  Enjoy your weekend!

Wood you spot the meerkats?

22 Jan

When Pamela Warriner looked out her window at her neighbor’s new garden fence she noticed these three funny faces. The local news in Dover, Kent (about 90 miles south east of London) ran a story about her find. You can see the full story here:

Looking for wood fencing for your property? We carry all types of wood fencing. Whether you like post and rail, picket, shadowbox, solid board, or stockade — Fence City has the fence for you.

Holiday Fence Decorating

14 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and many people enjoy sharing their spirit by decorating their homes and their yards.

Whether it’s garland or lights, wreaths or bows, or some combination of all these, there are many ways to bring a smile to the faces of people who pass by your fence. Holiday lights make the dark winter nights more magical. Fences also look wonderful with a dusting (or more of snow).

Every kind of fence looks great with a little holiday treatment. No matter whether it’s post and rail, wood picket or ornamental aluminum, all of our fence products look great in the winter.

Do you decorate your fence for the holidays?

Send photos of your decorated fence to


14 Sep


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That’s why we’ve started posting here at

Check back here often to see what we’re sharing. We hope to make our blog informative, entertaining and helpful. But the most important part to remember, is that we’re fence professionals who are ready to help you with whatever fence project you might have.

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