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Happy Autumn!

16 Oct
Autumn fence beauty

Surrounded by an elegant aluminum fence, your pool can look beautiful in any season!

Most folks think that the spring and summer seasons are the only time you can install fencing here on the East Coast — wrong!  As long as the ground is not frozen, fence can be installed well into the wintertime. In fact, the months of October and November are the perfect time to get new fencing installed, as that tends to be a less busy time for most fence installation companies. Late season rainfall helps keep soil softer and makes digging post holes easier — especially compared to the packed-hard, dry, cracked dirt of July!

So if you have been contemplating getting a new fence on your property — don’t wait till spring — get an estimate now!  The folks here at Fence City would be glad to help — give us a call at (215) 362-8200, stop in our office/showroom at 619 Bethlehem Pike in Montgomeryville PA, or visit our website.

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Do-it-yourself fence challenges

15 Aug


Almost everyone who has ever tried a Do-it-Yourself project has a story to tell … and a few extra parts that somehow didn’t make it into the final assembly!

While it can be funny to share the stories once everything is completed, it’s frustrating to reach a point in a project where work has to stop to purchase additional tools or parts — or worse — work has to be undone to correct a mistake.

Tackling the job of installing your own fence might not seem terribly complicated, but there are a number of potential pitfalls to try to avoid.

Purchasing a fence as a Do-It-Yourself project requires the selection of many related items.  All of the items must be related in order for the project to be completed successfully.  All fence sections must be the same sizes, styles, and colors.  Fence posts must match in size, style, and color as well; however, keep in mind that corner posts and end posts have different configurations than line posts.  (Gates and gate hardware have the same requirements.)

Some fences have style options to be included, such as finials, decorative caps, privacy inserts, arbors and more.  Additional materials are often chosen to improve fence function, such as vinyl coated wire (popular with post and rail), electric wire (for livestock), razorwire (for security), and automatic closures (for convenience).

Homeowners often purchase fences to enclose a pool and to comply with local safety code requirements.  Unfortunately, some do-it-yourself homeowners have completed an installation only to find that their fence fails to meet the pool safety codes standards.

Retailers who offer fence materials for sale should be aware that their buyers would benefit from expert assistance as they shop for the items they need to complete their project. While most retailers group their items into logical areas (whether in the store, or online), so that similar items are visible to their buyers, this assumes each buyer has a full understanding of what they need.

We believe there is a better way to present the information about fences, where that expertise is built in to the system. Let our expertise help guide you so that your project can be a success. We hope you find our Fence City website provides information quickly — and that your experience with us is a happy one!

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Going Green: garden tool tips and tricks

18 Jul
Pretty planter box constructed in hardscape materials.

Pretty planter box constructed in hardscape materials.

Being a fence company, we’re all about things “outdoors”, even if occasionally it doesn’t directly apply to fences, gates, and deck railings.   And, as opposed to an older “Going Green” post that featured synthetic grass and hydroponic gardens, this article is all about maintaining your tools and seeds needed for traditional gardening.  So for those of you who like to dabble in the flower beds, grow veggies in containers, or raise your own herbs, here are some simple-but-effective tips …

Lost and found:

If you tend to misplace tools among your plants and flower beds, consider marking them in some way.  Either paint the handles a bright color, or attach a neon-colored ribbon – use whatever strategy you prefer to help make those tools “stand out” among the plants and soil.   Hopefully this tactic will ensure that you’ll never leave another hand tool out in the weather all summer again!

Over-winter storing of hand garden tools:

Fill a container, such as a dishpan or old plastic bucket, 2/3 full with sand mixed with a little bit of oil (used motor oil works well).  After cleaning off your tools (trowels, clippers, etc), plunge them into the oily sand.  Clippers should be in the open position.  Do this as winter starts, leaving the tools in the sand mixture, and you will find your tools clean and sharp by next spring.  You can also keep your hand tools in the sand mixture year round, for it cleans and protects the metal surfaces.

GARDEN plantsReference materials:

For the gardening “book worm” – dedicate a bookshelf somewhere to only garden-related books.  This way you can find them when you need to look something up.  On this same shelf, keep your empty seed packets in a binder, in clear divided-pocket sheets (like those used for photos), for easy care and maintenance references throughout the season.

If we can be of help to you in regard to fences, gates, deck railings, or related hardware, please contact us at (215) 362-8200 or visit our online store.  Thanks!

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Enchanting gateways to your landscape’s soul

28 Aug


GATE_enchantGWe’ve recently been sharing posts filled with garden gates of a much more artistic, unusual, and “enchanting” style.  If you haven’t seen some of the earlier articles, start here with our first post entitled, “Enchanting Gates“.  There will be several in this series till we’re done — so be sure to follow this blog — don’t miss a single one!

GATE_enchantHGATE_enchantDGATE_enchantEFor today, we have a sampling of simply charming garden gates … many of which lead to each homeowner’s idea of a garden paradise (sounds so much more intriguing than “back yard”).  Simply click on each photo to see a gorgeous enlarged view.

GATE_enchantFIf you’re loving the creativity and artistry of the gates we’ve been featuring in this series of enchanting pictures, then you just have to browse through our other photo series, “Crafty Fences“.  Some of those fences are simply bizarre!

GATE_PVC_picketOf course, we can all dream of off-the-wall ways to surround our properties, but in most cases they just aren’t feasible to try.  But don’t fret!  We have a vast selection of fence and gate styles to choose from, and there’s got to be one (or many) that will meet your artistic cravings as well as protective needs.  Simply visit the Fence City website or stop in our display yard and feast your eyes on the beautiful reality of aluminum, vinyl, or wooden fences!

Our Location:  619 Bethlehem Pike (Route 309), Montgomeryville PA 18936

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Artful and Enchanting Gates

16 Jul

“Gates” certainly seem to be our theme lately!  And with such artful and creative ironwork and landscaping, how could we not share more photos of these enchanting portals?

GATE_enchant9GATE_enchant8GATE_enchant6A few weeks ago we shared a post with our first batch of “Enchanting Gates” images; which was followed up a little while ago with “More Enchanting Gates“.  If you’re loving today’s imagery, be sure to check these two archived posts — they won’t disappoint!

GATE_enchant7The daring that people have to “break from the norm” is fun to look at, and the creativity of the craftsmen who make these daring dreams come true is quite impressive too!

As we’ve mentioned before, if your neighborhood, home style, or budget just won’t allow for such outlandish definitions of your property boundaries, we hope you will contact Fence City.

Ultra_PoolGateWe can answer your questions regarding township regulations, fence styles and sizes, and of course, the appropriate gate to suit your needs.  Feel free to browse our online store, or give us a call at (215) 362-8200.  We look forward to hearing from you — and hope you continue to follow and enjoy our blog!

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Enchanting Gates

30 Apr

BLOG_gate1Have you seen our series of posts on “Crafty Fences“?  Well, along those same lines, we are now sharing a collection of photos we found online of “Enchanting Gates”.  These are truly lovely (and with the adjoining greenery, a long time in achieving).

BLOG_gate3Enjoy this stroll through some scenic gardens and brighten your day spent indoors with photos of the outdoors (via this link to Houzz).

Should your own piece of paradise, aka your back yard, happen to need a new gate or fence, we hope you will let us help you achieve your own style of “enchanted”.  🙂

BLOG_gate2Montgomeryville PA,

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What do the Neighbors Think?

8 Jan


Crafty_bottlesWe’ve shared numerous posts over the past couple of years regarding “Crafty Fences” — fence projects that homeowners have taken upon themselves to do, using a wide variety of materials, and in manners that are often quite unusual. Today’s post is even more of the same … check ’em out!

If for some reason your neck of the woods doesn’t have glass recycling, here’s an idea of what to do with all of those colorful bottles.  Or if plastic bottles are your downfall, don’t feel left out, there’s one here for you too! Crafty_plasticbottles

Or, maybe where you live is a bit more tropical (or at least, you like your yard here in Pennsylvania to be more tropical looking), we’ve found a couple of examples for you as well. Try using your stock of used surf boards to make a privacy fence, or maybe just create a cute driftwood picket fence for around your garden.


Crafty_driftwoodCrafty_pencilsThese are all fun, but most likely your neighbors or housing associations won’t appreciate them very much.  So for more traditional materials and professional installation, feel free to give us a shout. Estimates are FREE, and we carry a full line of fencing in aluminum, wood, and PVC. And if you still would like something a bit more creative, we offer a variety of styles that incorporate decorative pickets, post caps, and the like — and they won’t upset the neighbors.  🙂

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Recycled Fence Boards

13 Nov

Decorate_chairDo you have an old wooden fence that you don’t know what to do with the boards? Or maybe you’re a DIY-type person looking for a crafty project?  Well, check out some of the photo inspirations we found for you! Decorate_Oldfence

For instance, sand some boards, cut them to shape, and build your own Adirondack chair!

Or, take an old picket fence and build yourself a shelving unit — use it indoors or out?

Decorate_pottingbenchHow about a potting bench for the gardener in your life?  Or maybe you’re just interested in creating something small . . . say, a bird house or some cute, fun decorations.

Then take a look at these … perfect for autumn decorating at your front door, or a themed shark party, or just to give yourself a project to work on while you’re stuck inside during dreary winter weather.  Hopefully we’ve given you lots of food for thought!


Decorate_birdhouseWe often have old boards “out back” at our Montgomeryville PA location, if you’re interested in obtaining some for a project similar to these.  Of course, if you have an old wooden fence that needs to be replaced — give us a call.  We will install a new fence for you, and you can keep as many of the old boards as you want! 🙂 Decorate_Autumn

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Spooky Fences, the sequel

3 Nov

PumpkinHeadsBack in October we shared photos and a link to a story about a fence that gets decorated each Halloween with “impaled pumpkin heads”.  Well, the initial story was from the previous year (right around the time of Hurricane Sandy), and this latest post is the continuing saga of how the pumpkin impaling went this fall.  They’ve shared a LOT more photos and closeups this time … and the story has such a nice sense of community, despite the ghoulish decorations!

PumpkinHeadCheck out the entire story and photos by visiting this link, and if you think a nice, spear top aluminum fence may be just the thing your yard needs for your own decorative efforts, then be sure to browse through our online fence store!  If you need help or questions answered, feel free to contact us at (215) 362-8200.

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Spooky Fence Decorating

23 Oct

When Halloween gets near, one fence in Brooklyn, NY gets an especially  spooky decoration.  Since 1998, Jane Greengold has placed 80 to 100 individually carved jack-o-lanterns on the stakes of a fence.  The pumpkins are left on the stakes and sometimes begin to take on the appearance of shrunken heads.  This unusual fence decorating idea has become a tradition for the neighborhood.  Read more about this spooky “Shrunken Head Impaler” fence here.

Do you decorate your fence for Halloween (or any holidays)?  We love to see decorated fences!   Send us your fence photos and we may very well share your decorative efforts in a future post!

Are you located in Bucks County or Montgomery County, PA and need a new fence for your property? — for privacy, security, dog restraint, or even decorating?  🙂  Give us a call!  (215) 362-8200

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