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The Meaning of Fence

28 May

Fencing Comic2Just for curiosity sake, we looked up the definition of the word “fence”.  Of course, most of the meanings behind the word revolve around the protective structures we know and love here at Fence City.  But we really have to wonder how, over the many years of time, did the word ever take on meanings that relate to stolen goods?  And, like the chicken-or-the-egg-which-came-first debate, we wonder if our definition of fence came before or after that of fighting with swords? 🙂

noun:  fence; plural noun:  fences
  1. a barrier, railing, or other upright structure, typically of wood or wire, enclosing an area of ground to mark a boundary, control access, or prevent escape.
    synonyms:  barrier, fencing, enclosure, barricade, stockade, palisade, fenceline, railing
    • a large upright obstacle used in equestrian jumping events.
  2. a guard or guide on a plane, saw, or other tool.
  3. informal:  a person who deals in stolen goods.
    synonyms:  receiver of stolen goods, dealer.  “a fence dealing mainly in jewelry”
FENCE_PVCfancyverb: fence; 3rd person present: fences; past tense: fenced; past participle: fenced; gerund or present participle: fencing
  1. surround or protect with a fence.
    “our garden was not fully fenced”
    synonyms:  enclose, surround, circumscribe, encircle, circle, encompass
    • enclose or separate with a fence for protection or to prevent escape.
      “everything is fenced in to keep out the wolves”
      synonyms:  confine, pen in, coop up, shut in, separate off, corral
      “he fenced in his chickens”
    • use a barrier to exclude someone or something.
      “Idaho law requires people to fence out cows”
  2. informal:  deal in (stolen goods).
    “after stealing your ring, he didn’t even know how to fence it”
  3. fight with swords, especially as a sport.
    1. conduct a discussion or argument in such a way as to avoid the direct mention of something.
      “we were fencing, not talking about the subject we’d come to talk about”

Finding out the history behind or meaning of everyday items can be interesting — hopefully you find it so today!  If you did, then feel free to check out some of our other articles (listed below).  And, when you’re looking to pawn your grandmother’s family heirloom, don’t call us — but if your neighbor is looking to replace that tumble-down privacy fence that’s bothered you for years, we hope you will send him our way!

LOGO patrioticFence City
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6 Tips for Outdoor Projects

12 Jul

hardscape stone fireplaceThinking of remodeling your outdoor spaces?  Before you start hard scaping, adding a deck or pool, building an outdoor kitchen, etc., keep these tips in mind:

  1. Plan ahead.  Bring up the outdoor idea when you are designing an indoor project so you can plan connections to outdoor areas.
  2. Consider the impact outdoor features will have on interiors.  A covered porch will darken the interior space.  A new deck railing might block a view from an interior window, so consider dropping the deck a few feet to maintain the unobstructed view.  Adding exterior lights can enhance the view of your property at night from inside the home.
  3. Team up with a landscape professional, especially if you
    haven’t done many outdoor projects before!
  4. Make managing water a priority.  The key to a successful outdoor project is water management.  While it’s not as glamorous as designing pavilions or outdoor kitchens, if the deflection and movement of water is not done properly, the project is doomed down the road.
  5. Look for cost-effective ways to replicate high-end features.  Houzz and Pinterest are powerful tools that allow homeowners to see projects from around the world.  Although you may not be able to afford that $300,000 outdoor project you fell in love with, you can extrapolate features or concepts to incorporate into your project. Landscaping display
  6. Make sure products meet code!  Glass, aluminum, or cable railings, composite decking, and outdoor fireplaces may not meet code or be approved by homeowners’ associations.

Remodeling magazine, June 2013)

hardscape planterIf your outdoor renovation ideas include a new fence around the pool or decorative aluminum railing on your new deck, be sure to browse all the products Fence City provides to make it easy for you to complete those dream projects!

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Dreaming of Spring

1 Apr

decorative-fence-headerDoes the recent weather filled with snow, rain, and fog have you wondering “where is Spring”?

Well, here’s the perfect suggestion for something to do while you huddle indoors waiting for warmth, flowers, and green grass — start plotting and planning that beautiful back yard you’ve always wanted!  Add some bushes here, a new flower bed there — maybe a new railing on the back deck, or even some decorative fence around the pool or back yard.  But instead of just thumbing through the latest gardening catalog, why not check out something really cool?

We now have a “Design Studio” app on our website — where you can upload a photo of your home or yard and see exactly what each style or color of Ultra aluminum fence will look like on your property.  (It’s pretty cool — you have to try it!)


If you don’t have your own photo to upload, the app menu also has a selection for pre-rendered photos of homes and pools — so you can still see first-hand what each style of fence looks like, and deck railings too!

RAILpatioSM   RAILporchSM

Have fun planning and dreaming!  If you’re ready to start now, get a free estimate on your project by simply visiting our online store.  The estimate is the easy part — deciding what you want may be tough because there are so many stylish and decorative fences to choose from!

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More than Meets the Eye

19 Dec
Ultra fence and railing products are more than just a pretty face!

Ultra fence and railing products are more than just a pretty face!

Ever wonder what goes into the manufacturing of an aluminum fence?  What makes one product so much better than another?  Well, here’s one tidbit of information we can share regarding the Ultra Fence and Railing products we now proudly carry.

Ultra, which if you’re not familiar with their company, is known in the fence industry for producing only the highest quality powder-coated, ornamental aluminim fencing, railing, and gates.  Now, Ultra’s PowerCoatTM finish has received accreditation for AAMA-2604-5 standards (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).  This new certification ensures that the finish performs significantly better in adhesion, salt spray and humidity resistance, color / gloss retention, and overall weatherability.  This accredited powder coating protects aluminum components that are manufactured and sourced in the USA.

What does this mean in layman’s terms?  Ultra aluminum fence products can stand up to direct sun, extreme temperature variations, and acidic pollutants without fading.  This means the fence in your backyard will retain its original color and continue to protect and beautify your property for many years to come!

Take a look at the variety of styles and colors of Ultra fence that we carry by visiting our online fence store.  And feel free to give us a call with any questions — we look forward to servicing your fence needs in any way we can!  (215) 362-8200

Friday Funny!

7 Dec

Let’s start off this rainy weekend with a good chuckle  . . .  Enjoy!Santa texting

Visit our Open House!

6 Dec

UAB200 flattop SBL flush SMAluminum fencing, railing, and PVC decking . . . 

At Fence City there are more new products here than you can shake a stick at!  And for tomorrow (Friday, December 7), our Open House continues for one more day, just to show them all off!

Ultra Logo

Ultra aluminum fencing and railing products . . . by far, the best aluminum product on the market!  In our search to provide our clients with a premium product, we found that there is just no comparison to the quality and selection offered by Ultra Aluminum.  Their attention to detail, color and style selections, and product durability are impressive — stop in and we will prove it to you, as we have a variety of displays and samples! You can preview some of the Ultra Fence styles on our website… but why not come in during our open house and see them in person.

Genovations LogoGennovations decking . . . one of the newest decking products available, this no-maintenance material puts an end to the usual deck  hassles:  re-staining, replacing boards, re-staining (again), wear-and-tear, restaining (again) . . . you get the idea!  Check out the front deck and steps here at our office / showroom — it’s a working material sample!

Complete details regarding these new Ultra and Genovations product lines can be viewed on the Fence City website, or by stopping in their office/showroom.  Fence City is located at 619 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville PA.  Whether or not you can attend the Open House, we hope you will drop by to see all of these exciting new products soon!

Simple Deck Maintenance

29 Nov

A beautiful fence and deck can add a lot of impact to your back yard, but there is some maintenance involved to keep these materials in tip-top condition. 

Inspect them yearly.  Clean and refinish the deck regularly (if it’s made from a material that needs or can be refinished).  Check for popped nails (if nails were used), and hammer raised nail heads to below the deck surface.  Make sure fasteners are secure and that railings are bolted securely.

Look for cracks in the decking and splintered or broken floor boards and treads.  Replace boards in poor condition and re-attach any that are loose.  Remove mildew with deck cleaning products, soapy water, or oxygen bleach.

If you’re looking for decking and railing material that requires the least amount of maintenance, yet still provides beauty and value for your home, Fence City now carries the innovative products from Genovations Decking & Railing.  (nice segue, eh?)  Genovations’ PVC deck flooring and color-matched railings with specially engineered surfaces are guaranteed to enhance your home’s beauty as well as provide the benefit of vinyl’s low-maintenance qualities.

Whether you’re replacing an old deck or adding a new one, Genovations decking and railing is ideal for both situations.  Feel free to contact us for more information, photos, etc.

(215) 362-8200   

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