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Add Beauty

21 Nov

Image        Image

You have a beautiful front lawn, or maybe a fantastic back yard with trees . . . and you need to add a fence, but are afraid it will detract from the scenery. Of course, it will all depend on what style and color fence you choose, but we are here to tell you that the right fence can actually ADD beauty to your property.

Take an aluminum fence, for example.  You have color choices of white, black, bronze, beige, khaki, and forest green — and more styles than can be mentioned in a quick post. From simple two-rail,straight picket fences with flat-top standard gates to three-rail, spear top picket fences with decorative circles and arched gates — there’s a style that is sure to suit your tastes, dress up the view, and add value to your property.

Our website, www.fencecity.com, provides you with images of all of our aluminum fence choices to better help you make a decision on style, size, color, and accessories.  For now, we’ve included a couple of sample photos with this post to show you what we’re talking about. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!  (215) 362-8200

Decorative pool fence

White flat-top aluminum fence with butterfly pattern and arched gate.

Decorative pool fencing

Same pool, shown with white flat-top aluminum fence — but this time with alternating spear tops and standard picket spacing.

Driveway Gates

31 Oct

DRIVE Dallas

Are you one of those folks who’s “living large”?  You dream BIG . . . “average” just doesn’t work for you.  You don’t have a yard, you have a lawn.  And not just a pool with a fence around it; you want a statement that surrounds the perimeter.  Well then, we have a gate befitting your dreams!  (Cue “Dallas” theme song …)

DRIVE ornate

DRIVE longhorn  DRIVE estate

DRIVE double DRIVE doubleBRNZ


Driveway gates are not only impressive looking, but also quite functional in protecting your property.  Choose from single gates, double gates, swing gates, and cantilevered gates.  For today, we will focus on the singles and doubles, which are available in a variety of styles and colors, with as many or as little embellishments as you want.  Your driveway gate can be part of a continuous line of fence, or incorporated into a brick, stone, or landscaped wall.

If you’re interested in knowing more about entrance gates, we invite you to visit our online store or give us a call at (215) 362-8200.  We are FENCE CITY, a privately owned fence and gate supplier and installation company since 1961. Located at 619 Bethlehem Pike (Route 309), in Montgomeryville PA.

Outdoor Bling

21 Oct

CLOSEUP estateFences don’t have to be just functional, you know.  They can also be quite glamorous.  (Glamorous? Really?)  Yes, really!

FlagNfence    GATE poolCloseup

Add a little bling to your fence project, especially if you’re looking at aluminum fencing.  Choose from a whole list of options such as ball caps on the posts, circles or butterflies along the top rails, ornate scrolls on the gates, flat top or arched gates, and finnials or spear tips on the pickets.

Convex Beige Concave

Decorative FinsCirclesThere are also several varieties of spear tip options to choose from:  alternating pickets, traditionally straight (level across top of fence section), or concave/convex.  And did we mention colors?  (not yet, but we are now.)


Aluminum fences aren’t just black and white anymore.  Now you can also choose from Beige, Satin Khaki, Forest Green, Black, Satin Black, Bronze, Satin Bronze, White, and Satin White.

To see what each type of fence, decorative item, and color will look like, try our Design Studio app — have fun mixing and matching ’till you find the perfect combination that suits you. (You can upload an actual photo of your own home, or use one provided in the app.)

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If you’re looking for a little indoor bling, visit our sister company’s blog — Closet City — for some incredible home interior inspiration!

Do-it-yourself fence challenges

15 Aug


Almost everyone who has ever tried a Do-it-Yourself project has a story to tell … and a few extra parts that somehow didn’t make it into the final assembly!

While it can be funny to share the stories once everything is completed, it’s frustrating to reach a point in a project where work has to stop to purchase additional tools or parts — or worse — work has to be undone to correct a mistake.

Tackling the job of installing your own fence might not seem terribly complicated, but there are a number of potential pitfalls to try to avoid.

Purchasing a fence as a Do-It-Yourself project requires the selection of many related items.  All of the items must be related in order for the project to be completed successfully.  All fence sections must be the same sizes, styles, and colors.  Fence posts must match in size, style, and color as well; however, keep in mind that corner posts and end posts have different configurations than line posts.  (Gates and gate hardware have the same requirements.)

Some fences have style options to be included, such as finials, decorative caps, privacy inserts, arbors and more.  Additional materials are often chosen to improve fence function, such as vinyl coated wire (popular with post and rail), electric wire (for livestock), razorwire (for security), and automatic closures (for convenience).

Homeowners often purchase fences to enclose a pool and to comply with local safety code requirements.  Unfortunately, some do-it-yourself homeowners have completed an installation only to find that their fence fails to meet the pool safety codes standards.

Retailers who offer fence materials for sale should be aware that their buyers would benefit from expert assistance as they shop for the items they need to complete their project. While most retailers group their items into logical areas (whether in the store, or online), so that similar items are visible to their buyers, this assumes each buyer has a full understanding of what they need.

We believe there is a better way to present the information about fences, where that expertise is built in to the system. Let our expertise help guide you so that your project can be a success. We hope you find our Fence City website provides information quickly — and that your experience with us is a happy one!

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The Colors of Fence

10 Aug

Choosing The Right Color For Your Fence

This article was originally posted as a reference to wooden fencing by FenceSupplySource.com, a New Jersey Fence Installation and Repair Company.  We’ve added a few thoughts, comments, and photos of our own to include aluminum and PVC fence products as well.

Since fences come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it’s important to choose a color that not only compliments your home but also looks great in all weather.  Below are the top colors for all fence styles and typical reasons why…

PVC Gothic capsWhite

The traditional white picket fence has been seen as far back as the 1950’s in television shows. White was chosen back then because it was an easy color to get your hands on at the time (many primers were just white). As many of you know, the best thing about the color white is that it goes with everything.

The biggest drawback to painting a fence white is that when it gets dirty or scuffed, it can easily be noticed by others.

ALUM 2railBlack

Black is definitely the most popular color choice for aluminum fences, especially here in the PA suburbs of Philadelphia.  Although close-knit housing developments prefer white privacy fences, the more affluent single homes around here are typically surrounded by ornamental black aluminum.

Black aluminum fences come in a variety of styles, from plain-and-simple to extremely ornate.  Similar to the comments made about white, a black fence also “goes with” everything — however, when it gets dirty, you really don’t notice it.

PRIV LatticeBBrown

Brown or stained brown is one of the most popular colors for wooden fences, many of which are already brown.  Because shades of brown are now trendy color choices, you’ll find that both aluminum and vinyl fencing are available in a variety of beige and bronze options.

FENCE_PVCprivacy_solidGreyWhat is great about brown as a color for a fence is that it blends in to wooded areas very nicely. So if you live by the woods or in an area that has a lot of trees, you may want to compliment your property by installing a wooden fence and possibly staining it a brown color.


Lastly, red is one of the most popular colors we see for wooden picket fences in New Jersey. This may be surprising for many, but newer, more modern homes are opting to use their fence as a way to draw the eye in to the home. Red is to fences as yellow is to Lamborghinis.  🙂


Now that you know a bit more about which colors are best for fences, which color are you going to choose?

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Fences: the new craft medium?

6 May

LacyFenceWow, have we found some unusual and creative fence decorating ideas lately!

Some are quite pretty, some are a bit cheeky — but all are entertaining to look at and possibly even inspiring.  Most are so far “out there” that we doubt you’ll be running out to your own backyard and duplicating them (but who knows?).

So, here is the first of several decorative fence “posts” in our Crafty Fences series … Enjoy!

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Dreaming of Spring

1 Apr

decorative-fence-headerDoes the recent weather filled with snow, rain, and fog have you wondering “where is Spring”?

Well, here’s the perfect suggestion for something to do while you huddle indoors waiting for warmth, flowers, and green grass — start plotting and planning that beautiful back yard you’ve always wanted!  Add some bushes here, a new flower bed there — maybe a new railing on the back deck, or even some decorative fence around the pool or back yard.  But instead of just thumbing through the latest gardening catalog, why not check out something really cool?

We now have a “Design Studio” app on our website — where you can upload a photo of your home or yard and see exactly what each style or color of Ultra aluminum fence will look like on your property.  (It’s pretty cool — you have to try it!)


If you don’t have your own photo to upload, the app menu also has a selection for pre-rendered photos of homes and pools — so you can still see first-hand what each style of fence looks like, and deck railings too!

RAILpatioSM   RAILporchSM

Have fun planning and dreaming!  If you’re ready to start now, get a free estimate on your project by simply visiting our online store.  The estimate is the easy part — deciding what you want may be tough because there are so many stylish and decorative fences to choose from!

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Gateway to Paradise

7 Mar

Design Home aluminum fenceYour back yard is your year-round oasis . . . an open space for the kids and dogs to run around during the summer, for flowers to bloom in spring, for colorful foliage in the fall, and for building forts and snowmen in the winter.  So it’s
only natural for you to want the entrance of that oasis befitting 
your back yard paradise . . .

  Gate flowers

GATE walk  GATE poolArched  GATE walkway

GATE poolCloseup
There is a style and color of gate to suit every taste and every fence — and we have them all.  Check out our online store and start planning your own back yard paradise!

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More than Meets the Eye

19 Dec
Ultra fence and railing products are more than just a pretty face!

Ultra fence and railing products are more than just a pretty face!

Ever wonder what goes into the manufacturing of an aluminum fence?  What makes one product so much better than another?  Well, here’s one tidbit of information we can share regarding the Ultra Fence and Railing products we now proudly carry.

Ultra, which if you’re not familiar with their company, is known in the fence industry for producing only the highest quality powder-coated, ornamental aluminim fencing, railing, and gates.  Now, Ultra’s PowerCoatTM finish has received accreditation for AAMA-2604-5 standards (American Architectural Manufacturers Association).  This new certification ensures that the finish performs significantly better in adhesion, salt spray and humidity resistance, color / gloss retention, and overall weatherability.  This accredited powder coating protects aluminum components that are manufactured and sourced in the USA.

What does this mean in layman’s terms?  Ultra aluminum fence products can stand up to direct sun, extreme temperature variations, and acidic pollutants without fading.  This means the fence in your backyard will retain its original color and continue to protect and beautify your property for many years to come!

Take a look at the variety of styles and colors of Ultra fence that we carry by visiting our online fence store.  And feel free to give us a call with any questions — we look forward to servicing your fence needs in any way we can!  (215) 362-8200

Visit our Open House!

6 Dec

UAB200 flattop SBL flush SMAluminum fencing, railing, and PVC decking . . . 

At Fence City there are more new products here than you can shake a stick at!  And for tomorrow (Friday, December 7), our Open House continues for one more day, just to show them all off!

Ultra Logo

Ultra aluminum fencing and railing products . . . by far, the best aluminum product on the market!  In our search to provide our clients with a premium product, we found that there is just no comparison to the quality and selection offered by Ultra Aluminum.  Their attention to detail, color and style selections, and product durability are impressive — stop in and we will prove it to you, as we have a variety of displays and samples! You can preview some of the Ultra Fence styles on our website… but why not come in during our open house and see them in person.

Genovations LogoGennovations decking . . . one of the newest decking products available, this no-maintenance material puts an end to the usual deck  hassles:  re-staining, replacing boards, re-staining (again), wear-and-tear, restaining (again) . . . you get the idea!  Check out the front deck and steps here at our office / showroom — it’s a working material sample!

Complete details regarding these new Ultra and Genovations product lines can be viewed on the Fence City website http://fencecity.com, or by stopping in their office/showroom.  Fence City is located at 619 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville PA.  Whether or not you can attend the Open House, we hope you will drop by to see all of these exciting new products soon!

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