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Making an Entrance

14 Dec

GATE_ultraDrivewayThe entrance we’re talking about is not one on a theatrical stage, or on a celebrity red carpet, or of a gorgeous movie starlet strolling down a gigantic staircase.  No, this is something much closer to home … in fact, it’s your driveway!

GATE_PVC_drivewayWhy wouldn’t you want the entrance to your home to be grand? Whether that grandness is via an ornate double aluminum gate or a rustic wooden picket fence, you can rest assured that Fence City has the materials you need to accomplish the look you want. And, you have the option of purchasing product for self installation, your own contractor pickup and install, or truly professional installation via our experienced crew.

DRIVE cant_estateDRIVE cantlvrHowever, don’t think that grand entrances are strictly limited to the homestead!  Many businesses, agricultural farms, and industrial plants have the need for a gated driveway.  The choices in style, color, and ornamental adornments abound — so the entrance to your business site doesn’t have to be boring!

If you have questions about installing a driveway gate at your home or business (with or without the surrounding fence), feel free to give us a call or visit. We will gladly give you as much help and advice as we can!  215-362-8200,  619 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville PA

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Driveway Gates, part two

12 Nov

Double gate in Satin Khaki

Do you have a really  W-I-D-E  driveway at your home or business that could benefit from being “gated”?DRIVE trackGate

DRIVE trackGate2

Most folks think of fence gates as the little 4- or 6-foot wide, hinged gates you see on a quaint white picket fence.  But if your dreams of a gated driveway involve spanning several feet of property, have we got news for you!

DRIVE estateDRIVE cantilvered gate

DRIVE swingGate  DRIVE puppyPickets

Now you can span wide spaces, such as for stately drives, business and delivery entrances, municipal properties, parks, etc., with a single swing, double swing, track, or cantilevered gate.  With today’s advanced technology in hinges, counter weights, cantilever mechanisms, and improved materials (think STRONG) — your dreams of an impressive gate can now become reality!

DRIVE cantilever  DRIVE cantlvr

What is a cantilever gate (shown here) and how does it work?  A cantilever gate is a counter-balanced sliding gate that does not require a track along the length of the opening.  The gate is supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate.

Want to see a cantilevered gate in action? Stop by our newly remodeled location at 619 Bethlehm Pike (Route 309) in Montgomeryville PA — our driveway / parking lot showcases a beautiful example of one in black aluminum with gold finnials.

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Visit our online store for pricing and more information on gate and fence selections.

Driveway Gates

31 Oct

DRIVE Dallas

Are you one of those folks who’s “living large”?  You dream BIG . . . “average” just doesn’t work for you.  You don’t have a yard, you have a lawn.  And not just a pool with a fence around it; you want a statement that surrounds the perimeter.  Well then, we have a gate befitting your dreams!  (Cue “Dallas” theme song …)

DRIVE ornate

DRIVE longhorn  DRIVE estate

DRIVE double DRIVE doubleBRNZ


Driveway gates are not only impressive looking, but also quite functional in protecting your property.  Choose from single gates, double gates, swing gates, and cantilevered gates.  For today, we will focus on the singles and doubles, which are available in a variety of styles and colors, with as many or as little embellishments as you want.  Your driveway gate can be part of a continuous line of fence, or incorporated into a brick, stone, or landscaped wall.

If you’re interested in knowing more about entrance gates, we invite you to visit our online store or give us a call at (215) 362-8200.  We are FENCE CITY, a privately owned fence and gate supplier and installation company since 1961. Located at 619 Bethlehem Pike (Route 309), in Montgomeryville PA.

Enchanting gateways to your landscape’s soul

28 Aug


GATE_enchantGWe’ve recently been sharing posts filled with garden gates of a much more artistic, unusual, and “enchanting” style.  If you haven’t seen some of the earlier articles, start here with our first post entitled, “Enchanting Gates“.  There will be several in this series till we’re done — so be sure to follow this blog — don’t miss a single one!

GATE_enchantHGATE_enchantDGATE_enchantEFor today, we have a sampling of simply charming garden gates … many of which lead to each homeowner’s idea of a garden paradise (sounds so much more intriguing than “back yard”).  Simply click on each photo to see a gorgeous enlarged view.

GATE_enchantFIf you’re loving the creativity and artistry of the gates we’ve been featuring in this series of enchanting pictures, then you just have to browse through our other photo series, “Crafty Fences“.  Some of those fences are simply bizarre!

GATE_PVC_picketOf course, we can all dream of off-the-wall ways to surround our properties, but in most cases they just aren’t feasible to try.  But don’t fret!  We have a vast selection of fence and gate styles to choose from, and there’s got to be one (or many) that will meet your artistic cravings as well as protective needs.  Simply visit the Fence City website or stop in our display yard and feast your eyes on the beautiful reality of aluminum, vinyl, or wooden fences!

Our Location:  619 Bethlehem Pike (Route 309), Montgomeryville PA 18936

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A Gate by any other Name

31 Jul


3rail_butterflies_pupHave you ever wondered what the meaning of common words might be?  We recently researched the Meaning of Fence, and today, “just for fun”, we looked up the definition of the word “gate“.  Of course, most of the meanings behind the word revolve around the protective entrance structures we know and love here at Fence City.  And fortunately, there are many styles, colors, shapes and sizes of gates out there that are much more visually becoming and interesting than the word’s stuffy dictionary definition.  (Somehow we were hoping for something more exciting … #3 is about as close to exciting as it gets.) 🙂

Large Homegate

[geyt] /geɪt/
1. a movable barrier, usually on hinges, closing an opening in a fence, wall, or other enclosure.
2. an opening permitting passage through an enclosure.
3. a tower, architectural setting, etc., for defending or adorning such an opening or for providing a monumental entrance to a street, park, etc.:  the gates of the walled city; the palace gate.
4. any means of access or entrance:  The gate to stardom is talent.
5. a mountain pass.
6. any movable barrier, as at a tollbooth or a road or railroad crossing.
7. a gateway or passageway in a passenger terminal or pier that leads to a place for boarding a train, plane, or ship.

Ultra Aluminum fence


If you like reading and learning more about words or history, check out some of our other articles such as the Meaning of Fence or A Bit of History.  If you’re more of a visual person, you’ll love our two series on Enchanting Gates and Crafty Fences.

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Artful and Enchanting Gates

16 Jul

“Gates” certainly seem to be our theme lately!  And with such artful and creative ironwork and landscaping, how could we not share more photos of these enchanting portals?

GATE_enchant9GATE_enchant8GATE_enchant6A few weeks ago we shared a post with our first batch of “Enchanting Gates” images; which was followed up a little while ago with “More Enchanting Gates“.  If you’re loving today’s imagery, be sure to check these two archived posts — they won’t disappoint!

GATE_enchant7The daring that people have to “break from the norm” is fun to look at, and the creativity of the craftsmen who make these daring dreams come true is quite impressive too!

As we’ve mentioned before, if your neighborhood, home style, or budget just won’t allow for such outlandish definitions of your property boundaries, we hope you will contact Fence City.

Ultra_PoolGateWe can answer your questions regarding township regulations, fence styles and sizes, and of course, the appropriate gate to suit your needs.  Feel free to browse our online store, or give us a call at (215) 362-8200.  We look forward to hearing from you — and hope you continue to follow and enjoy our blog!

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