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Pool Safety

1 Jul

Ultra aluminum_GlassRailPool, click to enlarge

With the upcoming holiday weekend and, for most folks, the first blast of summer swimming pool season — it just seemed appropriate to share our post from last summer — again.  Enjoy your pool, but by all means, play safely!

No one can argue with the monumental importance of pool safety — but even with tighter community regulations and technological advances in safety products, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that over 300 children under the age of five drown in residential pools each year nationwide.  In order for you to keep the ones you love safe and sound, experts agree that implementing multiple layers of protection is one of the best ways to create a comprehensive safety plan for your pool.

Ultra aluminum, click to enlargePVC Gothic capsUltra_PoolCornerThe first product most people consider installing is a pool fence.  The CPSC defines a successful pool barrier as one that prevents a child from getting over, under, or through and keeps the child from gaining access to the pool except when supervising adults are present.  One that completely contains the pool is thought to be the best protection.  Ultra_PoolGate

Township safety codes vary across the region, but general guidelines require a fence to be at least four feet high around the pool or property, with a 54-inch tall gate that includes a spring-loaded latch.  The gate must open away from the pool, as a child’s instinct is to push on the gate.  Whether it’s wood, vinyl, or aluminum, a pool fence can be safe and something that enhances your landscape.

Beyond going to great lengths to physically secure your pool, you can have an additional layer of emergency training by learning CPR.  Check with your area hospital to become certified, a process that only takes a few hours to learn but could save a life.  While all the latest techie gadgets (such as a pool-motion alarm) or a secure fence can beef up your pool safety, nothing takes the place of being within arms’ reach of your children in the pool — and knowing where they are at all times.  Alarms, a high fence, swim lessons, and parental supervision all add up to pool safety.

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Source:  Suburban Home & Garden Resource Guide, July 2007

Old Glory: Flag Ethics

28 Jun

FlagNfenceWhether you fly your flag on a daily basis throughout the year, or add flags to your decorative efforts on various patriotic holidays, there are protocols to keep when flying Old Glory.

The US flag has priority when displayed simultaneously with other flags (flies higher than the others).

Don’t let Old Glory touch the ground! (Pretty sure this includes the little decorative ones on a stick in your flower beds too!)

Flags can be flown at night provided they are visible and properly illuminated.  Otherwise, flags should only be flown between sunrise and sunset.

There are only two approved ways to dispose of old flags:  confidential burning in an inconspicuous manner away from public view, or cutting it into small pieces so it no longer resembles a US flag.

When hanging a US flag, it must be displayed to the public with the blue portion (known as the Union) on the upper left-hand side.

We will share more about flags in a future post, which will be all about choosing the right flag size /pole length, how to install a flag pole, and what pole material suits your application best.  Stay tuned!

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Fence City USA

The Defender Series

8 Jan

Defender Series

Did you know that Ultra Fence’s “Defender Spear Top” aluminum fence is used all across America to protect our international airports and water treatment plants?  And did you know that Fence City now carries all of Ultra’s high-quality product lines, including the Defender Series?  In fact, we have a section of this impressive fence on display in our yard — stop in sometime to see it!  If you know a company or government property that is in need of an industrial-grade fence, send them our way and have them ask for Jack.

For those interested in the features and technical specs of this industrial fence, here they are:

Angled, pressed spear style is the ultimate in security.  Spear tops face outward at 51 degree angle.  Available in Industrial Series and Industrial Series Premium grades.  Ultra’s Premium grades have a reinforced double-wall rail with hidden fasteners.

Standard Sections are 6′ wide and can be either 7′, 8′, 9′, or 10′ high.  Sections come fully assembled.  Custom widths or heights of  7′, 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′, and 12′  are available.

Defender Gate

Pickets:  1” square x .062 wall
Spacing Between Pickets:  standard 3-5/8″ and optional 1-1/2″
Fasteners:  Stainless steel
Horizontal Rails:  1-5/8” x 1-5/8” with .100 side walls and .070 top walls
Posts:  2-1/2″ square x .100 wall; 3″ square x .125 wall; 4″ square x .125 wall (blanks).  All posts include standard caps.
Alloy:  High-strength UltrumTM 6005-T5 alloy, min. strength 35,000 PSI
Finish:  PowercoatTM.  When applied, Powercoat is twice the thickness and hardness of a typical acrylic, baked enamel or “wet paint” finish, making it more durable, fade-resistant and scratch-resistant than other coatings.
Colors:  Black,  Satin Black,  Bronze,  Satin Bronze,  Beige,  Satin Khaki,  White,  Satin White,  Forest Green


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One Little Emblem

23 Oct

Who would think that one little emblem could be such a big deal?  

Philly mag's Best of Philly

An emblem we are proud to display!

However, we’re here to say that the honor our installation crews earned last year was a big one — Philadelphia magazine’s “Best of Philly 2011, Fence Installers“.  Woo hoo!! 

Of course, we know our guys are good at what they do, and we make sure that they do their best in installing our fence products, keeping customers’ properties tidy, and delivering our products and services in a timely fashion.  However, we were pleasantly surprised to get the phone call last summer advising us that Fence City earned the Best of Philly destinction, and were like little kids showing off a great report card when this honor was featured in print in the Philadelphia magazine. 

So we would love to have you experience the service and quality products that Fence City is known for — and for which we are now officially recognized.  Stop in, give us a call, or visit our website, and let us provide you with a free estimate.  It’s an easy and simple start to an award-winning experience!

Awesome Testimonial

14 Sep

The team here at Fence City recently received this awesome testimonial!

In this day and age, it seems everyone is intent on identifying everything that is negative, to even the smallest degree. However, these same people never seem to publicize the positives. Because of this inequity, I have made it my personal mission to identify excellence and make certain it is noticed.

I had a fence installed by your company. Along every step of the way, your people were, in a word, awesome: exceeding expectations in every aspect. From your rep who came out to estimate the job, to the installation crew who performed the job, everyone was, in my opinion, a consummate professional. I will not hesitate in recommending your firm to any friends and family who are having a fence installed.

Your installation crew especially went above & beyond my expectations. After a fiasco with my local township & getting the building permit (no fault of your company) I was told over the phone the fence would be installed beginning on Friday (8/24), at first, then I received a call that it would be earlier. Installation began on Thursday 8/23, and your installer told me it would take 2 or 3 days, depending on the digging. A day & a half later, the fence was completed, & they even took special care to board up the base of the gates knowing the fence was put in place because of a dog.

Under time, on budget, & a level of excellence in customer service that has seemingly gone the way of the dodo. You are to be applauded for your company: I am very pleased I chose your company to whom to give my business.

Thank you again, Dave Diehl, Yardley PA


14 Sep


We’ve been manufacturing, distributing and installing fence since 1961. Here in the office, all we talk about is fence, but we don’t always have the opportunity to share new ideas, introduce new products, show our great work, or alert customers to specials and great deals.

That’s why we’ve started posting here at fencecity.wordpress.com

Check back here often to see what we’re sharing. We hope to make our blog informative, entertaining and helpful. But the most important part to remember, is that we’re fence professionals who are ready to help you with whatever fence project you might have.

Feel free to contact us at 215 362 8200 or shop online for fence at http://fencecity.com

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