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Fence Funny

10 Feb

In the afterglow of last weekend’s Super Bowl, it just seemed timely to share a Clydesdale video for our “Friday Funny”.  This one, entitled “Fences” is from 2010.  Enjoy!

Farm Fence

And, should your farm animals take inspiration from this video and do some busting out of their own, remember, we carry replacement rails!

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Even more Fence History

10 Sep

Fencing ComicContinuing with that article we found on the “History of Fence” (see our post from August), here are some much more humorous facts that may or may not relate to the type of fence that goes around your back yard!  (Again, we have no idea how accurate any of this info is, but it’s entertaining to read, nonetheless.)

A fence by any other name…

One thing we do when searching for the news for FenceWeek is weed out all the stories about “fencing” that have nothing to do with the kind you install.  There are homonyms, fencing with different meanings, and many stories related to those other meanings.  And like you, we sometimes get curious… so we started reading.

The word itself comes from Middle English “fens,” short for “defens” which, of course, means defense.  “Archaic : a means of protection.”  We’re not sure why Merriam calls this meaning archaic.  The kind of fencing you install has a history, discussed elsewhere, that goes back to the beginnings of mankind, where among other uses, it certainly was for defense.  In the beginning, however, it was also an important factor in developing agriculture, and the cultural understanding of private property.

In modern times, your kind of fencing is a security barrier to keep people and animals in or out, a definition of property lines, an augmentation of the appearance of a home or other building, a safety device for children, a shield for privacy, a barrier to noise, and so forth.

But “Fence,” or “Fencing,” is also the name of a rock band, a middleman in the distribution of stolen goods, a sport of swordsmanship in colleges and the Olympic games, an arguing technique (stop fencing with me,) a breed of lizard, a town in Wisconsin…

…and it is word at the heart of a series of expressions from “not taking sides” to “swinging a baseball bat as hard as you can.” And it is a key word in proverbs from sources as diverse as China, France, and England among others.

Each of these meanings have colorful stories… including the kind of fence you install.  We were surprised, for example, to discover that the hidden “fence” protecting the Washington Monument is called a “Ha Ha” fence, installed below ground level so that the view of the lawn is not “spoiled.”

Fencing Comic2We greatly admired the rules of dueling with sabers, where only hits above the belt are counted.  Sabers were originally real weapons of war, but mostly fought on horseback, and it was unchivalrous to hurt the horses!  Foil and epee dueling allows larger targets.  And in the spirit of equality, we admire the Olympics decision to include a women’s division for fencing.  The knights would have loved that.

Among criminal fencing, the big news is the internet where stolen items can be sold (with caution) on eBay.  Criminal fencing is now much more organized than it used to be.  Fences provide lists of things they want, often tell thieves where to get the items, and of course, set the prices.  A good laptop computer would get the thief about $350 a few years ago (and the fence, about $1,000 when shipped to South America.)  And we haven’t even mentioned the kind of fencing that used to put scars on the faces of German aristocrats who wanted to prove their manhood, or the fencing with long “swords” by the Japanese Samurai.

Or the analogies:

Sitting on the fence.
Mending fences with your enemies.
Swinging for the fence.

Or the proverbs:

Everyone pushes a falling fence.  (Chinese)
Don’t fence me in.  (Cole Porter)
The secret to fencing (with swords) is to give, and not to receive.  (Moliere)
There is no fence around time that has gone.  You have memory.  (John Locke)

FlagNfenceHope you are enjoying this series on the “History of Fence”; there’s one more post to be shared soon!

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Do-it-yourself fence challenges

15 Aug


Almost everyone who has ever tried a Do-it-Yourself project has a story to tell … and a few extra parts that somehow didn’t make it into the final assembly!

While it can be funny to share the stories once everything is completed, it’s frustrating to reach a point in a project where work has to stop to purchase additional tools or parts — or worse — work has to be undone to correct a mistake.

Tackling the job of installing your own fence might not seem terribly complicated, but there are a number of potential pitfalls to try to avoid.

Purchasing a fence as a Do-It-Yourself project requires the selection of many related items.  All of the items must be related in order for the project to be completed successfully.  All fence sections must be the same sizes, styles, and colors.  Fence posts must match in size, style, and color as well; however, keep in mind that corner posts and end posts have different configurations than line posts.  (Gates and gate hardware have the same requirements.)

Some fences have style options to be included, such as finials, decorative caps, privacy inserts, arbors and more.  Additional materials are often chosen to improve fence function, such as vinyl coated wire (popular with post and rail), electric wire (for livestock), razorwire (for security), and automatic closures (for convenience).

Homeowners often purchase fences to enclose a pool and to comply with local safety code requirements.  Unfortunately, some do-it-yourself homeowners have completed an installation only to find that their fence fails to meet the pool safety codes standards.

Retailers who offer fence materials for sale should be aware that their buyers would benefit from expert assistance as they shop for the items they need to complete their project. While most retailers group their items into logical areas (whether in the store, or online), so that similar items are visible to their buyers, this assumes each buyer has a full understanding of what they need.

We believe there is a better way to present the information about fences, where that expertise is built in to the system. Let our expertise help guide you so that your project can be a success. We hope you find our Fence City website provides information quickly — and that your experience with us is a happy one!

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Fence Hazards

16 Apr

Thanks to the folks at Halls Fence (NJ) for posting this infographic about the 5 Hazards that can harm wooden fencing — we manufacture and install a variety of wood fence products, and this is a good visual of what to consider when purchasing wooden fencing.  (Wood is a great fence option; you just need to take proper care of it and the surrounding property!)


For those of you in the Bucks and Montgomery County areas of Pennsylvania, we hope you will give us a call when it’s time to install new or replace your old fence.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Recycled Fence Boards

13 Nov

Decorate_chairDo you have an old wooden fence that you don’t know what to do with the boards? Or maybe you’re a DIY-type person looking for a crafty project?  Well, check out some of the photo inspirations we found for you! Decorate_Oldfence

For instance, sand some boards, cut them to shape, and build your own Adirondack chair!

Or, take an old picket fence and build yourself a shelving unit — use it indoors or out?

Decorate_pottingbenchHow about a potting bench for the gardener in your life?  Or maybe you’re just interested in creating something small . . . say, a bird house or some cute, fun decorations.

Then take a look at these … perfect for autumn decorating at your front door, or a themed shark party, or just to give yourself a project to work on while you’re stuck inside during dreary winter weather.  Hopefully we’ve given you lots of food for thought!


Decorate_birdhouseWe often have old boards “out back” at our Montgomeryville PA location, if you’re interested in obtaining some for a project similar to these.  Of course, if you have an old wooden fence that needs to be replaced — give us a call.  We will install a new fence for you, and you can keep as many of the old boards as you want! 🙂 Decorate_Autumn

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Unusual Fence Decorations

5 Feb


We’ve shared photos of Crafty Fences, of fences used as Rustic Interior Design, photos of Inspirational Fences, and of holiday-inspired Decorative Fences . . . but what do you make of these fences that are “decorated” in a most unusual way?  Check them out, and let us know what you think!


From just outside of Hunt, Texas . . . post and barbed wire fence decorated with, what else?  Boots!

From Oklahoma City, here’s a hand-painted, Calvin and Hobbes comic fence!

Not sure what part of the country
(or the world for that matter) these next few shots come from, but how about
these clever renditions of a not-so-typical back yard fence?



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Storm Damage

18 Jan

Broken fencing

Storms can wreak havoc on wood fences; so what do you do when that happens?  FIRST– assess the damage, not only to the fence, but also to landscaping around it.  For especially bad storms like last week’s hurricane, also check for downed power lines or tree limbs.

Play it SAFE!

If you are repairing damaged fence yourself, always check for downed power lines.  After a “normal” storm, most municipalities take care of the downed lines quickly, but there is always a chance one near your fence hasn’t been reported yet.  In disaster cases such as from Hurricane Sandy, there’s a good possibility that live wires are laying around for even an entire week later.  Do NOT handle any wires that are laying on your fence or on the ground until an electrical technician has deemed them safe to remove.

When working to clear uprooted trees and broken fencing, always wear appropriate safety gear like heavy gloves, boots, pants, knee pads and safety glasses.  Never work alone, especially if using power tools (such as a chain saw).  It’s always good to have a buddy or neighbor help with the clean up in case an accident should happen — trees rarely fall over in the direction you think they will, and you definitely want someone with you to summon help should that chainsaw slip and cut you!  If you’re not experienced with chainsaws, it may be wise to hire a professional (or at least recruit a friend who is).

Again, think safety first!

WINTER fence(originally posted in November 2012 — we thought it a good idea to share again because of the snowstorms and frigid temps and ice we’ve already endured this winter.   If you have some damage to your fence or property, be sure to check out the other articles in this blog post series!)

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Checking for Damage

10 Feb

Broken fencing

In light of this weekend’s Nor’easter, it seems appropriate to share information regarding Storm Damage and Fence Repairs again.  Hopefully this doesn’t apply to you, but if it does, this info may prove helpful.

Stay safe!

Friday Funny

25 Jan

Fence gets in the way of sledding

Well it’s doubtful that our area will get enough snow to go sledding this weekend, but we certainly don’t recommend you try sliding down the street as these clowns did.  When enjoying winter sports, please think safety first!  (And if someone foolishly breaks your fence, feel free to call us.)  Enjoy your weekend!

Fence Repairs

12 Nov

Adjusting or repairing a fence after a storm

Here are a couple of “Quick Fixes” you can do if your existing fence only suffered minor damage during the latest storm:
First thing is to check the screws in your gate hinges and latches.  If they’re loose, and the gate and posts are still in good shape, simply tighten them.  If your gate, hinges, or latches are bent or twisted, it’s best to replace them to ensure the safety of all who use the gate (and to protect / restrict children and pets from “escaping”).  Fence City carries a wide variety of gates and replacement hardware — so this is also a simple fix!
Second, check for loose posts.  If you find a loose post, brace it until you can dig around the post and/or footer.  You will need to dig down alongside the post about 24″ and fill the hole with (wet mix or dry mix) concrete — keeping the post braced so it stands straight.  If the area you’re working in is wet, use a dry mix, and if it’s dry, use a wet mix.  (Post holes on every type fence, even wood, should be filled to near top with concrete — leave several inches at
the top to fill in with soil to allow grass to grow.)
          If you have questions or need more extensive fence repair / replacement help, feel free to give us a call.  (215) 362-8200
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