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“Ski Freeze” Fundraiser

19 Apr


January 1, 2017:  The 37th Annual “Ski Freeze” on the river in Port Indian, PA

Once again, Fence City was a proud sponsor of the wet and wild water skiing show on New Year’s Day, January 2017.  (This was so much fun last year, we just had to come back and support this event again.)

Dozens of members of the Port Indian Waterski Club volunteered their time and skills — and potentially freeze their nuggies off  — in order to raise funds for Camp Rainbow, located in Schwenksville PA.  Hundreds of people watched the festivities all day long — water skiers, wake boarders, barefoot skiers, and more.

Some participants came in costume, others put on a great show of jumps and tricks.  All helped to provide kids with a low-cost, fun place to go to camp in the summer.  Rescue crews were on land and on the river in boats, just in case the cold water proved to be too much for any of the performers.  Fortunately, their emergency services were not needed, but their help with folks exiting the freezing cold water was greatly appreciated!

We’re looking forward to more cold, wet fun this coming New Year’s Day, January 2018 — see you there!  For info regarding Camp Rainbow, you can visit their website.


Pool Safety: Swimming Lessons

31 Jul

POOL Ultra PrivacyWe shared a post on Pool Safety earlier this summer, and now we found another interesting point to mention — most folks don’t know how to swim!  This is a major safety factor when it comes to having a backyard pool or if visiting a community pool.

If you have been swimming for a long time you may not remember the fear of going into the water.  Stats show that more than half of US adults don’t know how to swim, and the current stats for kids is staggering:  70% of African American children, 60% of Latino children and 40% of Caucasian children have low or no swimming ability. (www.usaswimming.org)

With summer approaching, young and old alike should gather courage and take the plunge.  There are many qualified, affordable professionals in our backyard that would be happy to teach you.  Age is not a factor!  Learning how to maneuver off the mainland can save your life, and you might save someone else’s.  —  Sharyl Volpe, Living Local magazine, May 2013

As the author of this little blurb mentions, there are many local places that offer swim lessons (the YMCA, for example).  Taking lessons as a family is certainly a fun adventure for kids and parents alike, and is a “must” if you have your own pool and actually don’t know how to swim.   And as the summer winds down and chilly temperatures settle in, taking lessons at the local Y extends your swimming fun – indoors!

POOL Ultra3rail SpearsAs mentioned in our Pool Safety: Gadgets post, knowing CPR or having a pool sensor alarm are also good things to consider for keeping your family and pets safe around water.

POOL Ultra Aluminum Closeup

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Pool Safety

1 Jul

Ultra aluminum_GlassRailPool, click to enlarge

With the upcoming holiday weekend and, for most folks, the first blast of summer swimming pool season — it just seemed appropriate to share our post from last summer — again.  Enjoy your pool, but by all means, play safely!

No one can argue with the monumental importance of pool safety — but even with tighter community regulations and technological advances in safety products, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that over 300 children under the age of five drown in residential pools each year nationwide.  In order for you to keep the ones you love safe and sound, experts agree that implementing multiple layers of protection is one of the best ways to create a comprehensive safety plan for your pool.

Ultra aluminum, click to enlargePVC Gothic capsUltra_PoolCornerThe first product most people consider installing is a pool fence.  The CPSC defines a successful pool barrier as one that prevents a child from getting over, under, or through and keeps the child from gaining access to the pool except when supervising adults are present.  One that completely contains the pool is thought to be the best protection.  Ultra_PoolGate

Township safety codes vary across the region, but general guidelines require a fence to be at least four feet high around the pool or property, with a 54-inch tall gate that includes a spring-loaded latch.  The gate must open away from the pool, as a child’s instinct is to push on the gate.  Whether it’s wood, vinyl, or aluminum, a pool fence can be safe and something that enhances your landscape.

Beyond going to great lengths to physically secure your pool, you can have an additional layer of emergency training by learning CPR.  Check with your area hospital to become certified, a process that only takes a few hours to learn but could save a life.  While all the latest techie gadgets (such as a pool-motion alarm) or a secure fence can beef up your pool safety, nothing takes the place of being within arms’ reach of your children in the pool — and knowing where they are at all times.  Alarms, a high fence, swim lessons, and parental supervision all add up to pool safety.

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Source:  Suburban Home & Garden Resource Guide, July 2007

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