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Enchanting gateways to your landscape’s soul

28 Aug


GATE_enchantGWe’ve recently been sharing posts filled with garden gates of a much more artistic, unusual, and “enchanting” style.  If you haven’t seen some of the earlier articles, start here with our first post entitled, “Enchanting Gates“.  There will be several in this series till we’re done — so be sure to follow this blog — don’t miss a single one!

GATE_enchantHGATE_enchantDGATE_enchantEFor today, we have a sampling of simply charming garden gates … many of which lead to each homeowner’s idea of a garden paradise (sounds so much more intriguing than “back yard”).  Simply click on each photo to see a gorgeous enlarged view.

GATE_enchantFIf you’re loving the creativity and artistry of the gates we’ve been featuring in this series of enchanting pictures, then you just have to browse through our other photo series, “Crafty Fences“.  Some of those fences are simply bizarre!

GATE_PVC_picketOf course, we can all dream of off-the-wall ways to surround our properties, but in most cases they just aren’t feasible to try.  But don’t fret!  We have a vast selection of fence and gate styles to choose from, and there’s got to be one (or many) that will meet your artistic cravings as well as protective needs.  Simply visit the Fence City website or stop in our display yard and feast your eyes on the beautiful reality of aluminum, vinyl, or wooden fences!

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The Meaning of Fence

28 May

Fencing Comic2Just for curiosity sake, we looked up the definition of the word “fence”.  Of course, most of the meanings behind the word revolve around the protective structures we know and love here at Fence City.  But we really have to wonder how, over the many years of time, did the word ever take on meanings that relate to stolen goods?  And, like the chicken-or-the-egg-which-came-first debate, we wonder if our definition of fence came before or after that of fighting with swords? 🙂

noun:  fence; plural noun:  fences
  1. a barrier, railing, or other upright structure, typically of wood or wire, enclosing an area of ground to mark a boundary, control access, or prevent escape.
    synonyms:  barrier, fencing, enclosure, barricade, stockade, palisade, fenceline, railing
    • a large upright obstacle used in equestrian jumping events.
  2. a guard or guide on a plane, saw, or other tool.
  3. informal:  a person who deals in stolen goods.
    synonyms:  receiver of stolen goods, dealer.  “a fence dealing mainly in jewelry”
FENCE_PVCfancyverb: fence; 3rd person present: fences; past tense: fenced; past participle: fenced; gerund or present participle: fencing
  1. surround or protect with a fence.
    “our garden was not fully fenced”
    synonyms:  enclose, surround, circumscribe, encircle, circle, encompass
    • enclose or separate with a fence for protection or to prevent escape.
      “everything is fenced in to keep out the wolves”
      synonyms:  confine, pen in, coop up, shut in, separate off, corral
      “he fenced in his chickens”
    • use a barrier to exclude someone or something.
      “Idaho law requires people to fence out cows”
  2. informal:  deal in (stolen goods).
    “after stealing your ring, he didn’t even know how to fence it”
  3. fight with swords, especially as a sport.
    1. conduct a discussion or argument in such a way as to avoid the direct mention of something.
      “we were fencing, not talking about the subject we’d come to talk about”

Finding out the history behind or meaning of everyday items can be interesting — hopefully you find it so today!  If you did, then feel free to check out some of our other articles (listed below).  And, when you’re looking to pawn your grandmother’s family heirloom, don’t call us — but if your neighbor is looking to replace that tumble-down privacy fence that’s bothered you for years, we hope you will send him our way!

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Recycled Fence Boards

13 Nov

Decorate_chairDo you have an old wooden fence that you don’t know what to do with the boards? Or maybe you’re a DIY-type person looking for a crafty project?  Well, check out some of the photo inspirations we found for you! Decorate_Oldfence

For instance, sand some boards, cut them to shape, and build your own Adirondack chair!

Or, take an old picket fence and build yourself a shelving unit — use it indoors or out?

Decorate_pottingbenchHow about a potting bench for the gardener in your life?  Or maybe you’re just interested in creating something small . . . say, a bird house or some cute, fun decorations.

Then take a look at these … perfect for autumn decorating at your front door, or a themed shark party, or just to give yourself a project to work on while you’re stuck inside during dreary winter weather.  Hopefully we’ve given you lots of food for thought!


Decorate_birdhouseWe often have old boards “out back” at our Montgomeryville PA location, if you’re interested in obtaining some for a project similar to these.  Of course, if you have an old wooden fence that needs to be replaced — give us a call.  We will install a new fence for you, and you can keep as many of the old boards as you want! 🙂 Decorate_Autumn

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Unusual Fence Decorations

5 Feb


We’ve shared photos of Crafty Fences, of fences used as Rustic Interior Design, photos of Inspirational Fences, and of holiday-inspired Decorative Fences . . . but what do you make of these fences that are “decorated” in a most unusual way?  Check them out, and let us know what you think!


From just outside of Hunt, Texas . . . post and barbed wire fence decorated with, what else?  Boots!

From Oklahoma City, here’s a hand-painted, Calvin and Hobbes comic fence!

Not sure what part of the country
(or the world for that matter) these next few shots come from, but how about
these clever renditions of a not-so-typical back yard fence?



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